About us

SKIMP was created in 2009 by two young, urban adventurers from Lyon. Lovers of fashion and sport, the brand redesigns everyday accessories to make them more FUN, COLOURFUL & DESIGN.

The first object, getting a drastic remake, was the belt. The idea was born on a business-trip to Tokyo, during a very short correspondence in Frankfurt! At neverending security checks, where you had to remove shoes, watches and belts, Charles panicked to miss his flight and forgot his belt!! The METAL FREE belt, only made out of plastic was born! Bye bye to the beeps and the loss of time to get dressed again. Hello to the envious glances of other travellers and the amused smiles of controllers.

Finally, to be able to offer a different and avant-garde version of this Must Have, the idea to create a range of 20 delirious colours with names such as “In the Navy”, “Tony Montana”, “Ciel Breton” was executed. Then, they launched a collection of colourful buckles, so that each person could create their own SKIMP and possess a unique piece.

Skimps and its intelligent concept. Composed of only recycled plastic, the SKIMP belt is ultra resistant and very light. Unisex and customisable with the EASY-CLIP buckle, plus its unique colour pallet, it is sold in a PLAYFUL packaging. Pleasing from young to old, it makes unanimity in the whole family. Already distributed in more than 1200 points of sales worldwide, the SKIMP belt has become a Must HAVE.

Since its launch, SKIMP tries to respect the planet by using the least polluting ways of transportation (a ship rather than a plane). Most importantly though, SKIMP uses recycled materials to manufacture its products (belts are 100% recyclable).